Cudicio - Pietra Piasentina
Head office CrediFriuli bank - IT

Head office CrediFriuli bank - IT

CUDICIO - survey, supply & laying, oil-water proof treatment

The project, designed by Gregotti Associati International, involves the construction of the new head office of CrediFriuli bank.
The building is developed in 4 floors, connected by an impressive helicoidal iron stair, covered by steps of Piasentina Flamed&Brushed. Steps and landings merge together on each floor in a suggestive optical illusion that join ramp and paving.
The CUDICIO team vaunt on this project: the meticulous survey of each ramp, the laying & supply of the material and the oil-water proof treatment of all Piasentina works, counting also about 700 sqm of interior paving.  A turnkey job, in a elegant and modern surrounding, to enhance the aesthetic potential of Piasentina stone and the professionally of CUDICIO team work.

Cudicio - Pietra Piasentina
Friulana Marmi Snc
33040 Torreano - Udine - Italia - V. Giuseppe Piccaro, 18
Tel. 0039+432 715128 / 715213 - Fax 0039+432 715049
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