Cudicio - Pietra Piasentina
Office in Milan - ITA

Office in Milan - ITA

CUDICIO – supplying + oil-water proof treatment

The contemporary minimal and purist character of this project, it has been enhance from the coverings of Piasentina stone : “natural finished”. The CUDICIO hand made finishing delete the saw signs on the surface keeping un-alterate the original grey-brown color. This peculiarity is present in the core of each block. An high vein presence lightens the cladding, the red intrusions heat up the ambient matching with furniture and upholsterers. The high quality selection required from the architects enhance the professionalism of the CUDICIO Lab. satisfying the heavy expectations of the project .

Cudicio - Pietra Piasentina
Friulana Marmi Snc
33040 Torreano - Udine - Italia - V. Giuseppe Piccaro, 18
Tel. 0039+432 715128 / 715213 - Fax 0039+432 715049
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