Cudicio - Pietra Piasentina
Apartments in Wien - A

Apartments in Wien - A

CUDICIO - Supplying & Installation

The Apartments are located in the luxury neighborhood of Wien, far from the center just 2 Km. Exteriors pavings and terraces are realized by square tiles of Piasentina Stone Flamed finished, laid on plastic feet to permit the water drainage. The exteriors stairs are Flamed as well and cut to size to be fixed on the steel structure. The modern and bright interiors, alternate the finishing of Piasentina "Brushed and Flamed & Brushed". Warm and luxury are the combinations between those finishings and the durmast parquet, glass and ceramic, realized with stone tiles of minimum thickness of 1.1 cm.

Cudicio - Pietra Piasentina
Friulana Marmi Snc
33040 Torreano - Udine - Italia - V. Giuseppe Piccaro, 18
Tel. 0039+432 715128 / 715213 - Fax 0039+432 715049
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